July 19th, 2017

Returning Hemingway days champs along with new friends (Fred Johnson, Dave Hemingway,Pat Lanier,John Stubbins, Michael Groover,Tom Grizzard) were hooked up fast this morning on the reef with gin clear water. Limiting out on yellowtail snapper by 915, they were happy Fisherman! Papa would be proud! 


July 10th, 2017

Mother Nature tossed out some angry clouds this morning but that didn’t keep the Flaherty family(Kelly, Dan, Colin, Teddy and Will) (Boston, MA) from a great day of fishing the reef with Capt Kevin. Mangrove and yellowtail snapper along with a barracuda release kept em reeling in the fish. 

20170708_Johnson Party

July 8th, 2017

Local Coastie Justin Johnson, along with son Luke and friends Bo Beauchamp & Caroline Staton (Chiefland,FL) had a spectacular morning fishing the reef.  Bo and Justin both brought in large mangrove snappers, and Justin had the biggest fish, with a 17 lb grouper. Limiting out on yellowtail they will be eating fresh fish for quite some time. Justin &Luke also released a nurse shark. 


July 8th, 2017

Braving bumpy seas the Hooper family (Stacy, Garrett, Landon, Bryce) , (Shreveport,LA) landed enough fish for dinner. First time ocean fishing for the kids, they had a blast! 


June 30th, 2017

A great morning of fishing was had by the Fratesi family, mom Jaime, Ava, Eli and Jase(Leland MS) along with grandpa Jim Baxter (Lillian Al) Seas were a bit sloshy and the yellowtail cloud was thick but they just didn’t want to bite as well as the past couple of days.   Ava caught the biggest yellowtail, which was actually a flag!  Eli reeled up a 10 lb black grouper and 10 mins later Grandpa Jim reeled up another around 15 lbs. 


June 30th, 2017

Perfect weather conditions made for an exciting morning of fishing. Berta Cespedes along with son Lorenzo Rey, dad Ricardo and mom Eloisa Rey (Miami, FL) limited out on yellowtail snapper.  Berta also landed a 10 lb mutton on the grouper rod. 


June 16th, 2017

Perfect wind and tide made for a most awesome day for Jeremy Kindel (Denver,CO) and dad Keith Kindel (Chantilly, VA) Off the dock before sunrise we anchored in 3 different yellowtail spots before finding 12 bigger fish. Immediately the grouper rod went off and Jeremy landed a 16 lb black grouper!  Heading out to the wreck, they both wanted to hook up to a bigger fish and that they  did. Jeremy released a smaller amberjack and Keith landed a 23 lb amberjack. To complete the half day we headed offshore trolling, hunting for mahi. A floating air filter did the trick and Jeremy completed the slam with a 10 lb mahi dolphin! 


June 16th, 2017

Off the dock for an afternoon of yellowtail fishing, Nathan, Chip, Tracy and Eddie Hoornsta (Asheville NC) along with Alex & Brian Ellis (Rehoboth Beach DE) had an awesome catch! The kids first time ocean fishing they landed 24 yellowtail snapper. A lone porpoise also showed up, along with a  if sea turtle  and put on quite the show! Eddie also released a barracuda. Pulling anchor we headed out to 300 ft in search of mahi.  Kids had a blast reeling in 14 schoolies! Back at Geiger Key Marina, a manatee showed up to make for a perfect afternoon! 


June 5th, 2017

Overcast and cloudy with a stiff breeze and offshore made conditions a bit tough fishing for the Barefoot family. (Greg, Dianna, Maddie and Aiden (Gilbert SC) “Power through it!” was the motto of the day! Maddie caught and released 2 barracudas and brother Aiden landed a barracuda and a triggerfish. Just before pulling anchor the bottom rod went off with a grouper but a lemon shark decided to have grouper for a mid morning snack. Greg had a great time reeling in and releasing a lemon shark that had one of our hooks already in the side of its mouth! 

20170604_Max & Friends

June 4th, 2017

Up at the crack of dawn and off the dock early Tom Max (Tierra Verde, FL)  along with son Kyler, and friends Barry & Matt Bravette (Vorhees, NJ) were fishing the reef by 7 am.  The grouper rod went off and almost immediately the tax man was paid. A 200 lb plus lemon shark ate the grouper!  Matthew fought it about 20 mins, and Kyler another 20 mins. Barry to the rescue and gave the guys a break! Fifteen mins later he got the shark to the boat, released unharmed after some awesome underwater video by Kyler.  Finishing out the day they limited out with yellowtail snapper and enjoyed fresh fish lunch at Geiger Key Marina! ?