20170604_Max & Friends

June 4th, 2017

Up at the crack of dawn and off the dock early Tom Max (Tierra Verde, FL)  along with son Kyler, and friends Barry & Matt Bravette (Vorhees, NJ) were fishing the reef by 7 am.  The grouper rod went off and almost immediately the tax man was paid. A 200 lb plus lemon shark ate the grouper!  Matthew fought it about 20 mins, and Kyler another 20 mins. Barry to the rescue and gave the guys a break! Fifteen mins later he got the shark to the boat, released unharmed after some awesome underwater video by Kyler.  Finishing out the day they limited out with yellowtail snapper and enjoyed fresh fish lunch at Geiger Key Marina! ?


20170527_Choiniere Family

May 27th, 2017

Delayed flights and arriving Key West at 3 am  Paul Jr, Lori and Tanner Choiniere  (Burlington VT) along  with dad Paul and friend Joyce Hamlin (Key West) didn’t stop them from arriving at the dock at 630. Enjoying a gorgeous sunrise on the way to the reef, Tanner and Paul Jr tag teamed and released a lemon shark just as soon as the anchor hit bottom.  Mother Nature added a nice rain shower just enough to drench everyone. Tanner and Paul Jr also released another lemon before the trip was over!  Limiting out on yellowtail snapper, they enjoyed fresh fish lunch at Geiger Key Marina. 


May 27th, 2017

Even the heat and humidity couldn’t stop the fish bite for Irene & Art Lauterbach, and friend Rance Roofener (Key West) Yellowtail bite was action packed and Rance managed to get a nice black grouper to the boat! 


May 15th, 2017

Arriving late last night Jeanann Early (Point Pleasant NJ) and Matt Heagen (Toms Point NJ) were up before the roosters to get off the dock. Leaving early paid off as Matt fought and released 2 sharks (1 nurse and 1 lemon)  along with half a grouper! Taxman got paid! Limiting out on yellowtail snapper, they enjoyed lunch at Geiger Key Marina. 

20170513_Branham Family

May 13th, 2017

Enjoying the island for a few days the Branham family  Dad Lewis, son Lewis and wife Stacie  (Lutz, FL) decided to book a fishing trip. Scoring their limit of yellowtail snapper, Stacey had the catch of the day with 2 grouper weighing 32 lbs together. She also release a nurse shark 

20170512_McCafferty Family 

May 12th, 2017

Celebrating their 80th bday and 56 yrs of marriage Pucky & Leo McCafferty (Winter Haven FL) , along son Pat and wife Rose (Wilmington NC) had an action packed morning fishing the reef. Pat caught 2 bars jacks and released the same nurse shark twice. The gang also landed their limit of yellowtail snapper. 

20170510_Mummert & friends 

May 11th, 2017

From left to right: Scott Mummert, Dana Lecrone, Heather Ott, Lisa Mummert, and Phil Lehman (York PA) did an awesome job whaling on the fish! Limit of yellowtails and 2 black grouper will have them eating fresh fish for some time to come! 

20170511_Schartz & Friends 

May 11th, 2017

Getting an early start off the dock, Howard Schwartz, Doug Findley, Steve Lipton & Esmond deBeer (Key West) were  fishing fools reeling in 2 black grouper weighing 34 & 20 lbs. Limiting out on yellowtail snapper & releasing a nurse shark , & a lion fish made for an action packed morning on the water. 

20170509_Hudson & friends 

May 9th, 2017

Didn’t take long for the Hudson family (Pappy,Mimi, Danny, Steve) and friend Katie Payne (Cudjoe Key & Pompano, FL) to land 2 -25 lb black grouper! Two in the box by 730! Limiting out on yellowtail snapper and releasing a nurse shark made for an awesome morning of fishing  on the reef! 


May 9th, 2017

Up before the roosters  Mike and Cheri Gosson (Rome NY) had grouper on their list to catch and Capt Kevin came thru! Mike shows off his black grouper fresh off the reef. Also limiting out on yellowtail snapper, they will be packing fish to take back home!