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20151028_Ferrera & friends Fantasy Fest fun 

Wednesday, October 28th, 2015

Returning for another trip aboard Knee Deep  John Ferrera,Kat Bailey & Shawn Daly (Connecticut) had First Mate Glen Mulder and boat dog Chloe, along with Capt Kevin putting them on the yellowtails! They released a barracuda and a green moray eel and had 31 yellowtails  


20151015_Brotemarkle & Friends

Thursday, October 15th, 2015

Straight from the hills of Virginia, these 2 rednecks Marty Miller and Randy Hawkins (Vinton Va) along with long time non redneck friend Rob Brotemarkle were fishing fools today on the reef. Mates Barbie and Glenn Mulder assisted Capt Kevin and the guys limited out w 60 yellowtails. Randy released this toothy barracuda which put up a good fight, caught on kite.    







Saturday, October 10th, 2015

Flat calm seas, gin clear water and a soft west tide made for excellent fishing conditions for Malita and Mark Jackson (Davie, FL)  Mark released 2 nurse sharks and they also limited out on yellowtail snapper.  Also had 5 small triple tails hang out in the chum line.


20151008_Behind the scenes

Thursday, October 8th, 2015

So here’s a little insight to what the Capt and I do before, and after a charter…

We get up around 5:30 -6 am every day. Capt enjoys his coffee & quiet time with Chloe and I for 15-20 mins. Then the trek down the steps trying not to spill the coffee, his commute to work is tough! While the Capt is loading up the boat with 6-10 buckets of chum from the walk in freezer under the house, I scoop the ice for the fish box, and the coffin box, put away the nets from

The day before, and drag the cooler of fresh iced bait to the boat. The oats tub is replenished and  Chloe the boat dog loads up. They are off to the marina to pick up clients. 

Back at the dock by lunchtime, Capt filets up some yummy yellowtail and clients can enjoy  fresh fish lunch at Geiger Key Marina if they like. Heading home to clean up and unload the boat, Capt still has his work ahead of him. On the hunt in the bait skiff, he will net fresh mahua or pilchards for the next day. If the bait is thick, he grinds the extra bait for chum. Unloading the bait boat and cleaning  up once again, the chum grinder is put to full use making “yellowtail delight” We also grind fish carcasses from the charter and slop from the fish house. Finally, stacking the buckets into the freezer and cleaning  up once again, 530-6pm Capt finally gets to call it a day! 

Here’s a few behind the scenes pics of what we do every day  










Tuesday, October 6th, 2015

Back on the water again fishing Lisa & Kenny Clark (Galloway NJ) along with lifetime friends Kathy and Joe Jasiecki (Northfield NJ) the east tide and weird west wind made for a slow start to the yellowtail. Persistence and lots of chum paid off and the bigger fish came up.

They limited  out on yellowtail and Kenny released a huge barracuda caught off the kite!