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Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014

Well, its been a long month of diving lobster for the Capt. Knee Deep’s engine went down 2 days before lobster season opened Aug 6. Gladly, we had Ankle Deep to step up to the plate and dive out of. Loaded up with 400 ft of Hooka hoses, gear and the Hooka compressor we were off. Limiting out on day 2, at 250 lobsters by 1 pm was a great accomplishment! Then on day 3 I got to swim
With wild dolphins! It was an amazing experience and the dolphin was as curious about me as I was about him (or her)! Then on day 4, I was diving in about 20 ft of water to check out a spot for lobsters. Armed with a tickle stick and net, I noticed 2 barracudas (one was 4 ft and the other was 5 ft or so) I don’t like them but I wasnt afraid of them as long as they stayed “over there”! The smaller one was very agitated and swimming in circles w chattering teeth. Next thing I knew it came from behind and bit me on my right hip!!! (No fair!) I swam back to the boat and Capt rushed me into work at Advanced Urgent Care where Dr Dixon stitched me up w 26 stitches! 3 weeks later I’m almost healed and blessed beyond words. Marine biologist friend and FWC officers seemed to think the barracudas may have been mating or spawning and possibly I was in their space. We may never know for sure but I’ll for sure be on the lookout! Knee Deep is back in the water and ready to go fishing! Click on link to see dolphin video on You Tube Barbie Swimming w dolphins